RILUMINATI 816 overlay, black
RILUMINATI 816 overlay, black
crack detection menetelmä
crack detection menetelmä2

RILUMINATI 816 overlay, black

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Magnetic particle inspection acc. to DIN EN ISO 9934

Two-component special layer based on an acrylic resin, consisting of pigmented components:

  1. RILUMINATI 816 overlay, black
  2. RILUMINATI 815 indicator layer, fluorescent

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  • RILUMINATI 815 emits light as fluorescence under UV light. This allows to detect the resulting crack.
  • RILUMINATI 816 covers the indicator layer and at the same time prevents the indicator layer from reflecting to achieve the highest possible contrast between the crack and the indicator layer.
  • Both layers of the system tear open when the metal rips and the crack edges of the indicator layer are exposed.
  • When the spot is irradiated with UV light (wavelength 365 nm), the crack shows a fluorescent glow of yellow-green colour.