Kern OIV is a video microskooppi, piirilevyn tarkastaminen, juotosten tarkastaminen, kern, ndt tukku
Kern OIV is a video microscope2

Video microskooppi OIV-255 KERN

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Kern OIV is a video microscope which has been constructed to optimise digital stereo microscopy. Our well-conceived, comprehensive solution with axial optical unit enables immediate, simple display of your samples on the screen.

Tässä mallissa kuvan/ videon tallennus, sekä mittaus.

  • The LED incident illumination unit (ring) included as standard guarantees the very best illumination of your sample
  • Combined with the large working surface, recording objects on the screen is ideally suited for monitoring, analysis and documentation in industrial environments
  • The excellent optical unit enables continuous sharp image tracking across the entire zoom range from 0.7×–5×
  • The powerful 2.0 megapixel camera of the microscope without eyepieces offers, thanks to the HDMI output, smooth live monitoring of your samples from the HD monitor. In addition, the software which is easy to use, the USB stick as well as the USB mouse which are integral components of the delivery, mean you can process and store your results digitally
  • With the OIV 254 model, there is the option of image documentation at the push of a button, without having to detour via the software. On the other hand, the OIV 255 guarantees software-controlled taking of images and videos with additional, extensive measuring functions
  • A dust cover as well as user instructions are included with the delivery

Technical data

    • Optical system: Axial
      Brightness adjustable
      Screen: 12″, 1920×1080 HD, -5°–15° inclination
    •  Magnification ratio: 7,1:1
      Stand: arm curved
    • Illumination: 2 W LED ring (incident) · Data storage: External using USB
    • Katseluala: ∅ 29,82–4,18 mm
    • (Max 128 GB)
    •  Overall dimensions W×D×H 320×260×483 mm, net weight approx. 10 kg


    • Auxiliary objective 0,5×, KERN OZB-A2101

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