Betonin ultraäänitarkastuslaite NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T+D

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Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM is an Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) tester for finding defects in concrete products, bricks and other solid materials based on the analysis of the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material.

Soveltuu vikojen etsimiseen betoni-, kivi ja tiilimateriaaleista. Toiminta perustuu Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) menetelmään.

  • Measurement of the strength and density of concrete, bricks and silicate stones, other solid building and composite materials.
  • Assessment of the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures, porosity and the presence of rock cracks, texture of composite materials and the degree of anisotropy.
  • Assessment of the degree of maturity of concrete in the process of monolithic concreting.
  • Seraching for spaces, cracks and other internal defects arising during the manufacturing and operation.
  • Testing of material uniformity.
  • Measurement depth of surface cracks.
  • Determination of the sound index of ceramics and abrasives.
  • Determination of the density and elastic modulus of fiberglass and carbon graphites.

Two transducers are connected to the device (transmitter and receiver), during operation, the device gets the time of propogation ultrasonic waves between the transducers, having a fixed base (distance between the transducers), the device calculates the velocity of ultrasonic waves in the material, based on which it is possible to build a correlation with the testing parameter. The method allows users to evaluate such parameters as strength, density, elastic modulus, sound index and other parameters that have a correlation with the velocity of propagation of ultrasound in the material.

The device meets the ASTM C597-16 (Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete).


The range of measurements of the propagation of ultrasonic vibrations, µs 10 … 9999
The measurement resolution of the propagation time of ultrasonic vibration, µs 0.1
The operating frequency of the ultrasonic oscillations, kHz 50-100
The base surface sounding measurements in mm 120
The output voltage, V up to 600
Storage of measurement results 128 (1000 cells)
Overall dimensions of el. unit, mm 122x65x23
Operating temperature, ° C -20…+40 C°
Power 2 pcs AA batteries
Time of continuous operation, h, not less 10
Standard ASTM C597-16