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SIUI RailRover 9 individual ultrasonic transmit/receive channels for rail testing and an independent hand held channel for defect confirmation, sizing and manual inspection of the weld or rail foot.
3 modes:

(single A scan, multiple A scan and A+B scan) are available, and all of them have storage and recording function.
GPS Location System is available.
Self-Testing Function on Probes
Save up to 4GB data files.
DAC on all Probes

Function Unit Specification
Attenuator  Error dB 10±1
Vertical  Linearity  Error % ≤3
Dynamic  Range dB ≥16(normal);  2~6(suppression)
Horizontal  Linearity  Error % ≤0.5
Transmission Negative  spike
PRF Hz/ channel 400
Damping Ω 500
Attenuation dB 0~80,  Step:  0.5
Bandwidth MHz 1.6~3.6
A/D  Sampling  Frequency MHz 50
Reject % 25
Detection  Range mm 0  ~ 300
Auxiliary  Function GPS,missing  inspection  alarm,  over speed  alarm
Display  Measurement  Value sound  path,  horizontal,  depth
Material Velocity Fixed,  3230  m/s  for  transverse  waves  and  5920  m/s  for  longitudinal  waves
Scan  Mode A/B
Imaging  Wizard Available
Trigger  Mode Encoder
Rail  Type  Range Kg/m 20~80
Gate Gate  Start: Full, Gate  Width: Full, Gate Height:  positive: 50%,  negative:  30%
Channel  Number 9+1
Probe  Port  Type BNC
Probe  Port Number pc 20
Single  70° pc 4
Dual  70° pc 1
Single  37° pc 1
0°+37° pc 1
Water  Tank  Capacity L 20
Probe  Holder  Number pc 7
Encoder Precision:  2.34mm,Move  Mode:  Manual  Operation
Display  Screen 8.4”  high  brightness  TFT  LCD,  640×480 pixels
Peripheral  Port DC  power  supply,  Micro  SD, Ethernet, encoder,  GPS module,  hot  key  and  probe  ports.
Storage 4GB external  storage  card
Power  Supply V Adapter:  AC  in  100~240;  DC  out  12,  Lithium  Battery:  11.4
Battery  Operating  Time h ≥10
Operating  Temperature -40  ~  +50
Weight kg Approx.  28 (Not  include:  couplant)
Dimension mm 750×350×800 (W×H×L)





































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