TACTXL ultra-portable X-RAY SYSTEMS Teledyne

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Teledynen uusin, korkea resoluutioinen digipaneeli EOD ja turvapuolelle!

Lightweight, compactness, and high-resolution image definition are the key elements that describe the TactXL.

Developed both with and for EOD operators, the TactXL x-ray aSi detector weighs just 4.3 kg and is truly compact. Combined with Teledyne ICM CPBattery X-Ray generators (CP120B, CP160B or LiteX), it is the ideal choice for inspections in narrow places or areas that are difficult to reach.

In combination with Sherlock Security software, on a touchscreen tablet, take x-ray shots quickly and access a wide range of imaging enhancements at your fingertips.


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Features Unit Value
Sensor Type aSi
Resolution µm 154
Waterproof level IP IP67
Active area mm 434 x 355 /17 x 14
Dead zones Reduced dead zones
Weight kg/lbs 4.3 / 8.1
Communication protocols Wireless or cable driven (optional)
Work with CP120B, CP160B, Litex X-ray generators