CP160CR Panoraama ryömijä-generaattori

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Teledyne ICM CP160CR ryömijägeneraattori panoraamakeila

Jännite:40 … 160 kV
Putkivirta: 0.5 … 2 mA
Paino: 9.9 Kg

Tekniset tiedot:

Radiation geometry – Panoramic Output voltage range kV 40 to 160
Tube current range mA 0.5 to 2.0
Tube current at full output mA 2.0
Max. power at the anode W 320
Constant power mode – Yes
Working cycle at 30°C % 100 Steel penetration (**) mm 28
Weight Kg 9.9 Overall dimensions mm ø slash; 120 x 688
Leakage dose at 1 m at full output mS/h < 2.0 Optical focal spot (EN12543) mm ø 4 x 0.5 Max. useful angle ° 360 x (2x20) Inherent filtration mm Equiv. 3.5 (Al) Waterproof level - IP65 Operating temperature °C -30 to +60 Storage temperature °C -40 to +70 Built-in carrousel featuring 5 outputs No Guard rings No (**) 18" pipe, 10 min, AA400, D=2 BEST EVER DESIGN Designed to fit into 6” pipelines and higher, the CP160CR constant potential X-Ray generator for crawlers is – in its category – the most powerful panoramic X-Ray tube head in the world for crawlers. The generator is making the cutting edge constant potential technology of the CPSERIES even more compact into a 9.9 kg – 120 mm diameter X-Ray tube head. The crawler unit is capable of penetrating up to 28 mm of steel in 10 minutes, which corresponds to just a 25 second exposure time for 6” standard pipeline welds.