Filminkatselulaite X5 LED Kowolux

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Filminkatselulaite Kowolux X5 LED

  • 150×110 mm,
  • filmikoko 13×18 cm
  • Luminanssi: 500000 cd/m²
  • Suurin katseltavan filmin tiheys: 4.7 D (EN25580/ASTM E1390)
  • Teho: 300 W
  • Mitat/paino: 305 x 220 x 205 mm / 7.2 kg

Sertifikaatti, jalkakytkin ja maski filmille 13×18 sisältyy.

X-Ray Film Viewer with latest POWER-LED technique for films up to size 13×18 cm and density D 4.7.
Energy savings with new X-series viewers compared to conventional film viewers with halogen lamps are 80 to 90 percent – and there is no need of lamp exchange.
These advantages help to safe costs, time and failures of viewers due to defective lamps. In consideration of savings in energy and costs for exchange of lamps higher price compared to conventional viewers is paid back after approximately one to two years depending on time of duty.
These new viewers supply constant white light over complete control range and give higher contrast for defect interpretation of films. Because heat development is reduced by 85 %, for cooling a temperature controlled fan with lower noise level can be used.
Lifetime of LEDs is 40,000 h – at full load operation of eight hours per day this means more than 20 years.
•Housing made of stainless steel

•Plug-in foot switch – operable without foot switch

•Two Potentiometer for brightness control

•Axial vent fan with temperature depended speed control – low noise level

•Filter in cooling air in- / out-let – changeable

•Interchangeable masks for different film sizes

•Mounting threads – for mounting loading device for roll films and for safe fixing of viewer in mobile laboratories

Inclusive: Foot switch with plug, separate Power cord, EU type plug, X5 ancillary mask for films 13×18 cm, Calibration certificate.

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