COLENTA Filmprocessor-INDX-900e_
COLENTA Filmprocessor-INDX-900e

COLENTA INDX 900e NDT röntgenfilmin kehityskone

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Laadukas itävaltalainen Colenta on pitkälinjan röntgenfilmien kehityskone valmistaja.

INDX 900e

Industrial X-Ray Processors

This is a conventional table top processor with a production speed of 13 cm/min at a standard processing cycle of 8 minutes. It is a fully automatic “dry to dry” system in a modern design with small dimensions and a light weight, ideally suited for customers wanting a fully automatic processor for low capacity and varied production needs at an affordable price that provides a consistent high quality processed film with totally reliability.

  • Max. processing film width 35cm (14 inch)
  • Variable and programmable development timing up to 150 seconds

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