Vicker penkkikovuusmittaus XHV-1000

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XHV-1000 XHV-1000 digital micro Vickers hardness tester made with a unique and precise design in the field of mechanics, optics and light source is able to produce a clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement. By means of a 20 × lens and a 40 × lens the tester has a wider measurement field and a broader usage range. With an automatically turning device (the automatically turning turret), the operation has become easier; and with a thread interface, it can be linked to a digital camera and a CCD Video camera. It is the first tester that has adopted the LCD touch screen, thus making the operation more humanized. The tester has such features as the direct reading of the measurements, the easy change of the hardness scales, the reservation of the data, the printing and the linkage with RS232 interface. This tester is widely used for measuring: Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, IC thin sections, coatings, ply-metals, glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones, thin plastic sections etc. Hardness such as that on the depth and the trapezium of the carbonized layers and quench hardened layers.