Vicker penkkikovuusmittaus HVS-5

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The Vickers HVS The Vickers Hardness Tester is a new and high-tech product combining the optical, mechanical and electronic techniques, with a good aesthetic aspect, operational functions and reliability, and hence it is an ideal instrument for the testing of Vickers hardness. Made with a precise structure design in mechanical field, the instrument adopts motorized testing force loading system to instead of traditional and heavy weights, therefore the force application more stable, the force value more precise and operation more easy. By means of 0.5‰ accuracy compression sensor to feedback the information of force application, and automatically compensate the test force lost by itself, the instrument can dynamically show the instantaneous value of force applied on LCD screen of panel board. We use CPU to control all testing process in electric field, adopts new technology of highly clear optic testing system and photoelectric sensor in optic field. With the soft keys on panel board for input operation, the tester has multiple functions as preset the value of testing force and duration time firstly, adjust intensity of light source, and all the testing data such as indentation length, the hardness value, the dwell time of load, and the number of measurements are all shown on the LCD screen. According to the particular requirements of the client, the tester can be equipped with CCD indentation automatically measuring device or video measuring device. The instrument is suitable for the testing Vickers hardness value of the micro and thin pieces, the parts with the strengthening layer, heat treating and permeated and coated plane surface, the crisp materials such as the agate, glass, ceramics and it is, therefore, an ideal hardness measuring instrument for the scientific research institutes, the universities, the industrial production units and the metrological institutes.